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Why not to go to war in syria

If an alqaida topdog applauds john kerry and praises him for his bravery and eloquence, it's high time to stopp and think it over again, especially the 'cui bono' part of the results of the inevitable desaster that will follow a direct military strike.
(As opposed to the instructors already working with rebels which mostly tend to embrace a rather strict view of the world, this could be even tantamount to "aiding the enemy", if the outcome results in just another anti-american /western war-torn country, ruled by extremist groups and/or warlords.)

Assad is a bad dog, no doubt, but is it really wise to play "heavy support element" for al-quaida ?


Below is a statement by Jamal Ahmed al-Tahiri, the spokesman for Al-Qaeda in Damascus (AQD), in support of Secretary of State John Kerry's remarks on Syria on Friday, August 30, 2013. 
In the Name of Allah the Merciful, America the Accursed, Aslam O' Alikum, 

If the British Parliament was filled with men with half the moral caliber and political vision of Mr. John Kerry, oh, what a wonderful world this would be!Sure, Kerry doesn't know much about the history of Syria, or basic chemistry, but the world does know that he loves the Syrian people more than Assad. 

Inshallah the British public will throw out those bums who embarrassed Obama. They should look to the great Kerry as an example of an authentic 21st century statesman. This man has touched our hearts with his words. Only a brave and God-fearing man can call Bashar the dog a thug and a murderer. What eloquence! What poetry from this man!

America, under what rock did you find this Mr. Kerry? Immortalize that rock, put it in a museum. Put everything that Kerry's magical hands have touched in a museum. Let the future know what a great and visionary statesman America produced in its hour of greatest need.

We in Al-Qaeda in Damascus (AQD) applaud this man's bravery, vision, and eloquence. May the rest of the world follow Mr. John Kerry into Syria to bring down Bashar the dog.

Sinnlose Uebungen in Sicherheit oder "closing the barn doors after the horse is gone"

Aktuell ueberschlagen sich diverse Internetanbieter mit Ankuendigungen wie:

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- "Wir bauen ein sicheres Mailssytem"
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Man scheint die Menschheit wirklich fuer vollkommen verbloedet zu halten und nutzt die Gelegenheit fuer Marketing.