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baumgartners jump (2012) and franz reichelt (1912) - a hundred years later

Baumgartners Jump Live

17:22 : mission is a go
17:26 : going as planned.
18:09 : reaching out to troposphere
18:22: reaching 18.000 m
18:25: reaching 25.000m
20:17: he did it

and survied! ;)


(btw: we`re also actually looking at the first privately build spacesuit which undergoes last checks as well as a rescue unit (life-pod) undergoing post-entry procedures ;)

Which is good: in a rescue situation from ISS or similar installations, the entry vehicle might not be capable of landing (lack of airframes, chutes or the structures are to fragile) but well fitted to solve the initial entry heat problem. 

This could lead to a lifepod which constists only of the structure neccessary to allow atmospheric entry, from which survivors exit in a "medium-orbit-rescue-suit".

Regarding the upcoming civilian space traffic, this is - from the point of science fiction - a perfect approach.

The first things coming to my mind where:

* franz reichelt (1879 – February 4, 1912): jump from eiffel tower (youyube)


A hundred years later, the experiment is repeated.

The funny part is: instead of aircapsule, reichelt had the eiffel - tower, instead of a chair, baumgartner will have a plattform.

 Both have a personal support team, a cheering crowd and dedicated media coverage of the event from several points of view.

Other actions like checking the gear, emotions like the slight reluctance
before stepping onto the parapet until the then quick decision to jump will
be quite equal.
(One could even turn it into a motto: 'gear changes - spirits stay').

* Albrecht Berblinger:

(conincindence: both where tailors)

So the next question would be:

?what kind of protection is required to allow to bring a human body to supersonic speed and safely back.

Hope he survives.