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Funny bits of december 2011

Funny bits - 12/2011

get some munchies and a beverage of your choice and enjoy ;)

1. It`s not just a lost drone...

Wired - Danger - Room: The Return of the Worm That Ate the Pentagon

" On the afternoon of Friday, Oct. 24, [Schaeffer Jr.] was in an agency briefing with President George W. Bush, who was making his last visit to the NSA before leaving office. An aide handed Schaeffer a note alerting him to the breach.
At 4:30 p.m., Schaeffer entered the office of Gen. Keith Alexander, the NSA director and a veteran military intelligence officer… “We’ve got a problem,” he said."

The “problem” began in October 2008 in Afghanistan where someone appeared to pick up the infection from a cybercafé and passed it to government systems on an infected thumb drive.

“We knew fairly confidently that the mechanism had been somebody going to a kiosk and doing something they shouldn’t have as opposed to somebody who had been able to get inside the network,” one former official told the Post.
The worm spread widely on military computers around the world, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan.

* http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2011/12/worm-pentagon/

Wired - Danger - Room:  Exclusive: Computer Virus Hits U.S. Drone Fleet

“We keep wiping it off, and it keeps coming back,” says a source familiar with the network infection, one of three that told Danger Room about the virus. “We think it’s benign. But we just don’t know.”

* http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2011/10/virus-hits-drone-fleet/

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The fact itself is funny, the comments even more ;)

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